JT RACING USA-Flex-ExBox Jersey, Navy/Neon Yellow

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The 2018 JT Racing Flex ExBox Jersey is an interesting geometric pattern that is truly unique! Don’t be afraid to work up a sweat while wearing this dirt bike jersey. It is made out of a moisture wicking material that allows perspiration to evaporate, keeping you dry & comfortable throughout your ride. The moisture wicking properties of the 2018 JT Racing ExBox Jersey does a great job at keeping the rider cool, especially in hotter environments. The motocross jersey is cut from different pieces of cloth and sewn together to create a more natural fit. Jerseys cut from a single piece of material tend to look boxy and fit poorly.


CHEST 101 CM 107 CM 112 CM 119 CM 131 CM
SLEEVE 74 CM 77 CM 79 CM 81 CM 84 CM

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